Registration & Accommodation

Registration and Accommodation Details :

Registration for the 6th NALSAR Inter-varsity Debate Championship is now open! Please fill out registration details here.

For any further queries with regard to registration, contact us at or call +91 77-02-11-07-03(Balaji Subramanian), or +91 94-93-92-08-88(TPS Harsha) or +91 95-97-92-96-05 (Chan Sriram). For more updates on the tournament, follow us on Facebook, or  Twitter.

Registration Details :

Each team must consist of 2 debaters.

Each team must have atleast one adjudicator registered with it. Hence 1 team – 1 adjudicator, 2 teams – 2 adjudicators, and so forth. More adjudicators can be registered if the institution wishes, however the n-1 rule strictly applies.

The Team Cap is 2 teams per institution, as per rolling basis subject to availability.

Please Note:- Taking into consideration the numerous requests relating to cross teams, we’ve decided to allow institutional cross teams in this year’s I.V. This means atleast one debater has to be enrolled in a university/college to be able to participate. This notwithstanding, the six month rule applies. Graduates are more than welcome to attend the I.V. as independent adjudicators. ]

The Registration Fee is as follows :
INR. 2000/- per person inclusive of the cost for break-night and accommodation.

Accommodation will be provided from the morning of the 4th to the afternoon of the 6th of September.

Hope to see you there !